License Terms

Digital downloads are available under the following license terms

These terms apply to all photos purchased as digital downloads from Kevin Wells Photography:

  • You are purchasing a license to use the photo for personal enjoyment, you do not own the photo or the copyright to the photo.
  • The license is non-exclusive, meaning that other people are allowed to buy the same photo as a digital download.
  • This is an unlimited personal use license. The license is for you to enjoy the photo. You can save it as your desktop, print it onto paper or canvas or anything else and hang it on your wall, or similar uses. You can do those things as many times as you want.
  • This is a royalty-free license, meaning you don’t have to pay me anything (license fees or royalties) each time you use it.
  • This is not a commercial or editorial license. You can’t sell the photo, printed or digitally or any other way. You can’t give the photo to other people for them to distribute or sell. If you print the photo and give it to a friend as a gift, I have no problem with that. You can’t use the photo for marketing purposes. If you want to use it for editorial/educational or commercial/marketing purposes please contact me and we can arrange a new license that fits your needs.
  • This license has no expiration. You are free to use the photo for as long as you want for personal use.
  • You can’t say you took the photo or own the photo. You don’t have to attach a Kevin Wells photo credit when you print or display it.
  • You can’t remove the metadata from the photo.