If you don’t find the answer you’re looking for here, please feel free to contact me.



What if I have a specific request?

There are lots of variations and customizations on products that I can arrange. I’ve eliminated some of the purchasing options to make it easier and to provide products that I think are best. For example, I find matte prints to be superior to glossy in most cases so I’ve removed the option to choose glossy or matte. Perhaps you want a certain thickness of wood frame for the canvas print, or you want the edge of a canvas print to be all black or have the image wrap around the edge, or you want a standard print to have a border around it. Perhaps you want the photo in black and white, or in a size I don’t have listed on my site. The best thing to do is to contact me and describe your request. Please include the photo ID (found in the caption of the photo) or the URL to the photo in question (even when viewed in the gallery all photos should have a unique URL)


Will photos need to be cropped to fit the size I’m ordering?

It depends but probably yes. I edit my photos to look exactly how I want them to look, and they are often not in a standard aspect ratio. However they usually crop just fine and still look good when printed at a standard size. When choosing a photo and a size, pay attention to the shape of the photo and choose a print size that suits the photo, your taste, and the location you’ll be putting it in. For wide shots such as wide angle landscapes, I’d recommend a wider print size, for example an 8×12 print instead of 8×10, or a 12×18 instead of 11×14.


Can I buy things not listed as items for sale, such as coasters, pillow covers, or other types of print media?

Probably, yes! Many of these things are available through the printing shops that I use. Contact me and let me know what it is you would like and I will do my best to accommodate.


How does the calendar option work?

You can either choose 12 photos that you like, or you can tell me a theme (wildlife or landscapes for example), or I can choose them all for you. They all cost the same price. Choose any photo, click the cart icon, and in the products list choose the Calendar. Please send me a message using the contact page and let me know what you would like in your calendar. If you choose your photos, let me know which photos you want by sending me the photo ID for each one (found in the caption) or copying the URL for each photo. If I don’t get a message from you I will send a personal selection of photos.


How long will my order take to arrive?

Standard paper prints typically take 3-7 business days, and other products (canvas or metal prints, etc.) typically take 1-2 weeks. I can’t guarantee a specific turnaround time as I am often away on trips and may not be able to process the order the same day it’s ordered, but there shouldn’t be any significant delays. Please feel free to send me a message before you order to check on current delivery times.


Do you offer guarantees/warranties? What if the product is broken/damaged when it arrives?

Yes, the products are guaranteed to arrive in good condition. I do not mail the products myself, I work with various printing labs and they mail the products directly to you, so returns are handled through that company, and the relevant information for returning an item is sent with the item. If you need help with the return, please contact me.


Is it safe to enter my card details here?

Yes, the website is secure with an SSL certificate (shown by the https in the URL), and payments are handled directly through Stripe. Nobody (including myself) has access to your card details.


Do I need an account to buy something?

Nope! Payments are handled through Stripe which does not require you to have an account.


Can I hire you for photography events?

Feel free to send me a message with the request but in general I am not available enough for being hired for events. Also I’m mostly a nature photographer, so while I do have some gear for events and portraits it’s not my area of expertise.


Any tips for mounting/framing/hanging photos?

Yes, always use a mat board (a cardboard-like layer with a hole in the middle) when putting a paper print in a glass frame. Putting photos directly onto glass can look great at first, but the ink will almost always stick to the glass and usually within a few months it will look wrinkled and warped, and it’s usually impossible to remove it from the glass without ripping the photo. Matte photos handle these things better than glossy, but both will stick to glass. When using a mat board, use a “t-hinge” or “v-hinge” (youtube tutorials can assist) to tape just the top of the photo to the mat, not all the way around, so that the photo can stretch and breathe as the temperature and humidity in the room changes. Photos in bathrooms/kitchens can show discoloration and warping/rippling over time more than other locations in the house because temperature and humidity fluctuate more there. You can still put photos in those places, I certainly do, just be aware of the potential effects. Acid-free mats and acid-free tape help prevent discoloration over time. For good cheap frames try Michaels or Goodwill. If you don’t want the hassle of framing a photo try printing on metal or canvas. It costs more but it looks good forever, won’t wrinkle, has no glass, and I personally like the texture and depth those media have. I’ve been printing more on those than paper lately and love the result.


Can I use these photos without permission?

Sorry, no dice, these photos are for your personal enjoyment only. All photos are under copyright (© Kevin Wells), all rights reserved. All digital downloads are subject to the license terms. Content may not be reproduced or distributed without written permission.


Do you ship internationally?

Yes I do, but the option is not visible on the website because shipping prices vary so much. Please contact me directly and let me know what you want to order and where you want to ship it to and I can send you a quote.